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IT working group meeting in Hungary

IT WG meetingThe European Microfinance Network (EMN) has set up a new website , where the best European practices are demonstrated in order to share knowledge with others. Only one Hungarian organization, the Regional Foundation for Enterprise Promotion for the Town of Székesfehérvár (FEA®), can be found on this website.

The European Microfinance Network has an IT and Innovation working group, which consists of Italian, French, Spanish, English, Scottish, Norwegian, German and Hungarian experts. This working group held its meeting on 16 April 2010 in Székesfehérvár in the offices of FEA®, where the members had the opportunity to become acquainted with the Internet-based complex service providing system of the Foundation.

This system was listed among the five best practices in the “Microfinance Good Practices Europe Award – Microfinance, Innovation and Sustainability” by the research committee in 2009, which greatly increased the international reputation and recognition of the Foundation.

When this Hungarian enterprise promotion network was set up at the beginning of the 90's with the support of the European Community, the experts from Western Europe came to teach the staff of the network what to do. And now they can show them a system which has deservedly won the acknowledgement of the foreign experts as well.

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